Wolf Mother: A Poem

Wolf Mother: A Poem

Photo by  M L  on  Unsplash

Photo by M L on Unsplash

The wolf waits

While the man sleeps

Watching for sleights of movement betraying wakefulness


She creeps curiously closer and flares her hungry and curious nostrils

Smells food fiercely and mouth waters,

Tongue licks lips

And mind flares


Legs now move less cautiously,

And she goes—embracing risk for a delectable prize

Sustenance for her and for her pups


Relying on celerity and stealth

But now in beast mode

She finds the warmth of a dying fire—

And now she has her treasure

Set firmly in her fangs


With still focus she glides backward,

Eyes fixed on the man again

Watching for sleights of movement bewraying waking

But there are none

And she’s gone

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