Elegy to the Destroyer: A Poem

Elegy to the Destroyer: A Poem

by Allen Peacher

Elegy to the Destroyer.jpg

Black death and mournful life,
Broken strings of music once heard,
Forceful lament and brazen throes
of last-gasp pitiful dying…

Strong-willed bleeding from suppurous
wounds, un-sutured and raw,
Venomous bile and poisonous pus
flow both directions through every pore.

Pity is due, but never will serve
this hateful and vile and bibulous bore,
drinking his fill of torment and sadness
drawn from the veins of victims despised…

Digging a grave in the sky;
A place to lie when the man in the house
is done playing with serpents,
No longer hearing “O Captain! My Captain!”

Stabbing deep into earth he digs—
he digs, stroking darker the strings
and putting his boot in it, burning himself
into smoke six feet high…

Take with you goods: a token for
the subway, jars for lumps
and a golden scabbard where once
your blade was slid.

Take with you bricks, a lump
to make your fist a stone,
calculate with countless pebbles
the calculus of hate…

Drive deep into the earth,
delight in your chthonic home
when walls of shadow enclose you
let them embrace you, and sigh.

words and photo copyright Allen Peacher 2019

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